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Mastiff-mixes Apparently Kill Dayton Woman; owners arrested

February 8, 2014 Dayton No Comments

UPDATE: The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center only sensitive us that they’ve dynamic a dogs concerned in this conflict are mastiff-mixes, and not array bulls.

The Montgomery County Coroner has identified a plant as Klonda Richey, 57.  An autopsy on Richey will be achieved tomorrow.


DAYTON — Police contend a lady was apparently killed this morning by dual infamous dogs outward her East Bruce Avenue home.

A neighbor called 911 around 8:15 this morning with a news of a physique on a sidewalk. She pronounced a physique was face down and naked. When Dayton Police officers arrived on scene, they found a woman’s physique on a sidewalk.

Dayton Police contend dual dogs that demeanour like array bulls charged a officers, they afterwards shot and killed both dogs in a area that were suspected to have pounded a woman.

Police contend they performed a aver for 35 E. Bruce Ave., where they arrested Andrew Nason and Julie Custer on guess of owning a dogs.

The victim’s temperament has not been released, tentative family notification.

There is some inequality over a accurate multiply of a dual aggressive dogs. Dayton Police contend a dogs looked like array bulls, a Montgomery Co. Animal Rescue Center says a dogs were protected and listed as mastiffs.

Dayton Police are still questioning and could tell not a media a accurate brew or multiply of a dogs though there have been other concerns about these dogs during this location.

“We’ve had complaints in a past, a bureau has been out here on several occasions and in an try to hit a owners to solve those complaints but success,” says ARC Director Mark Kumpf.

ARC agents contend a plant had some-more than a dozen cats in her home, all apparently fed and cared for. The agents spent many of a afternoon stealing a cats from a home.

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Police Investigate Body Found on Sidewalk

DAYTON — Police are questioning after anticipating a passed chairman fibbing on a path along Bruce Avenue.

According to a 911 call from a lady during a circuitously house, a physique was fibbing facedown on a path and seemed to be naked.

We have a news organisation during a stage and we’ll move we sum about this unfortunate occurrence as shortly as they are available.UPDATE: Mastiff-mixes Apparently Kill Dayton Woman; owners arrested

Article source: http://www.abc22now.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/wkef_vid_18521.shtml

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